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Geoarchaeology and the Environment

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Serious threats from climate change, aridification, environmental degradation, sea level rise, overpopulation, migration, environmental pollution, disease, survival in marginal environments and extreme natural events demand our attention constantly and answers to these problems are not easily apparent. However, much geoarchaeological research shows that throughout history and prehistory humanity has faced many of the challenges that now seem insuperable and, though sometimes cultures have failed, more often they have responded robustly to the challenges that faced them and, in some case, they have thrived.

The concept that ‘the key to the future lies in the past’ is at the core of Professor David Gilbertson’s research and teaching. He is one of the pioneers of modern, scientifically informed geoarchaeology whose research into human interaction with the environment has stretched from remote Hebridean islands, to the deserts of Africa and the rainforests of Borneo. Never content to simply report the past, he has always contextualized his work by its relevance to the future and showed that answers to ancient questions can help solve modern problems.

In a 30 year career, Professor Gilbertson has taught, inspired, collaborated with and motivated many who have gone on to great careers themselves. This book will showcase the best geoarchaeological research worldwide, will show how our ancestors transformed the world around them and laid the foundations for how we live today and the challenges we face.

Published: Jul 1, 2024