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Buddhist Temples of Kyōto and Kamakura

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Beatrice Lane Suzuki (1878-1939) was an extremely well informed and sensitive expositor of Mahāyāna Buddhism. As the American wife of the influential Zen Buddhist Suzuki Daisetsu, she lived in Japan for many years, becoming very familiar with the leading temples of various Buddhist schools—especially in Kyōto and Kamakura.

Buddhist Temples of Kyōto and Kamakura brings together some of her writings from The Eastern Buddhist. The collection preserves valuable information from Suzuki’s own times and the charm of her personal discovery of the temples described here. Further information is also provided to place them in their current context. The volume will be of interest to scholars of Japanese Buddhism and to the many travelers to these sites today.

Published: Nov 1, 2013


Section Chapter Authors
List of Illustrations Beatrice Lane Suzuki †
Preface with Acknowledgements Michael Pye
Conventions on Names, Titles and Scripts Beatrice Lane Suzuki †
A Note on The Eastern Buddhist Beatrice Lane Suzuki †
1 Introduction Michael Pye
Part I Temples of the Eastern Hills in Kyōto
2 Kiyomizudera Beatrice Lane Suzuki
3 Nanzenji Beatrice Lane Suzuki
4 Ginkakuji Beatrice Lane Suzuki
5 Higashiyama Temples Today Patricia Yamada
Part II Pure Land and True Pure Land temples
6 Chion-in Beatrice Lane Suzuki
7 Higashi Honganji Beatrice Lane Suzuki
8 Temple Celebrations at Chion-in and Higashi Honganji Beatrice Lane Suzuki
Part III Zen Temples in Kyōto and Kamakura
9 Tōfukuji Beatrice Lane Suzuki
10 Tōfukuji Today Christine Pye
11 Myōshinji Beatrice Lane Suzuki
12 Myōshinji Today Hillary Pedersen
13 Zen Temples of Kamakura Beatrice Lane Suzuki
14 Engakuji and Kenchōji: The Social Morphology of Two Kamakura Temples A.W. Sadler
Part IV Temples of Shingon Buddhism
15 Tōji Beatrice Lane Suzuki
16 Mount Kōya Beatrice Lane Suzuki
17 Mount Kōya Today Elizabeth Tinsley
18 Kōbō Daishi, the Saint of Shingon Beatrice Lane Suzuki
Part V Temples of the Nichiren Tradition
19 Nichiren and Kamakura Beatrice Lane Suzuki
20 Nichiren Temples in Kyōto: Honkokuji Beatrice Lane Suzuki
21 Nichiren Temples in Kyōto: Honnōji Beatrice Lane Suzuki
Part VI More Temples and Shrines of Kamakura
22 Historic Temples of Kamakura Beatrice Lane Suzuki
23 Bodhisattvas and Buddhas of Kamakura Beatrice Lane Suzuki
Character List for Historical Persons
Character List for Historical Persons Michael Pye
Details of Original Publication
Details of Original Publication Michael Pye
Further Bibliographical Notes
Further Bibliographical Notes Michael Pye
Index Michael Pye

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In this book it is a pleasure to learn about famous temples like Kiyomizudera, Ginkakuji, Engakuji, Mount Koya and others. But it’s useful in the classroom as well. Her essays remain invaluable for giving students a first-hand view of the architectural, religious, and literary riches tied to these famous Buddhist temples.
Religious Studies Review