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Interactions with Japanese Buddhism

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In the early twentieth-century, The Eastern Buddhist journal pioneered the presentation of Buddhism to the west and encouraged the west’s engagement in interpretation. This interactive process increased dramatically in the post-war period, when dialogue between Buddhist and Christian thought began to take off in earnest. These debates and dialogues brought in voices with a Zen orientation, influenced in part by the philosophical Buddhism of the Kyōto School. Also to be heard, however, were contributions from the Pure Land and the Shin Buddhist traditions, which have a strong tradition in the city.

This book brings together a range of authors who have significantly influenced subsequent Buddhist-Christian dialogue and the interaction between east and west. It is a companion volume to Listening to Shin Buddhism: Starting Points of Modern Dialogue.

Published: Nov 1, 2012

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Section Chapter Authors
Preface with Acknowledgements Michael Pye
Conventions on Names, Titles and Scripts Michael Pye
Introduction Michael Pye
Part I: Flashback to Some Early Examples
1. Buddhism and Moral World Order Kiba Ryohon
2. On Zen Buddhsim Rudolf Otto
3. Dengyo Daishi and German Theology Bruno Petzold
4. The Unity of Buddhsim James Pratt
5. Shinran's Concept of Buddhist History Soga Ryōjin
Part II: Thinking About Zen Buddhsim in the 1960s
6. Zen: Its Meaning for Modern Civilization Hisamatsu Shin'ichi
7. The Awakening of Self in Buddhsim Nishitani Keiji
8. Introducing Martin Heidegger Nishitani Keiji
9. Home: The Seven-Hundredth Anniversary of the Town of Messkirch Martin Heidegger
10. Zen and Compassion Abe Masao
Part III: Responses to Suzuki Daisetsu
11. The Stone Bridge of Joshu Kondo Akihisa †
12. The Enlightened Thought Kobori Sōhaku †
13. The "Mind-less" Scholar Alan Watts †
14. Memories of Dr. D.T. Suzuki Erich Fromm †
15. A Personal Tribute Edward Conze †
16. Zen and Philology: On Ui Hakuju and Suzuki Daisetsu Ueda Yoshifumi †
17. D.T. Suzuki and Pure Land Buddhism Bando Shojun †
Part IV: Thinking About the Pure Land
18. The Concept of the Pure Land Kaneko Daiei †
19. The Pure Land of Beauty Yanagi Sōetsu †
End Matter
Appendix 1: Synoptic List of Text Titles Michael Pye
Appendix 2: Character List for Historical Persons Michael Pye
Appendix 3: Original Publication Details Michael Pye
Appendix 4: A Note on The Eastern Buddhist Michael Pye
Index Michael Pye

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