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Everyday Humanism

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Everyday Humanism seeks to move the discussion of humanism's positive contributions to life away from the macro-level to focus on the everyday, or micro-dimensions of our individual and collective existence. How might humanist principles impact parenting? How might these principles inform our take on aging, on health, on friendship? These are just a few of the issues around everyday life that needed interpretation from a humanist perspective.

Through attention to key issues, the volume seeks to promote the value of humanism at the level of the ordinary, typical occurrences and conditions of our existence.

Published: Nov 25, 2014

Section Chapter Authors
Acknowledgements Dale McGowan, Anthony B. Pinn
Introduction Dale McGowan, Anthony B. Pinn
Section I: On Being a Humanist
1. On the Meaning of Life Jennifer Michael Hecht
2. Humanism and the Conquest of Fear Dale McGowan
3. The Humanist Case for Cooperation Chris Stedman
Section II: On Living, Celebrating, and Remembering Relationships
4. Forming Godless Community Greg Epstein
5. A Guide to Resources for Educating the Next Generation Bob Bhaerman
6. Humanism and the Expression of Love Anne Klaeysen
7. Personal Reflection on Humanist Memorial Services Susan Rose
Section III: On Acting like a Humanist
8. Politics and Political Life Andrew Copson
9. From a Human-Centered to a Life-Centered Humanism Henk Manschot, Caroline Suransky
10. On the Limits of Charity Anthony B. Pinn
11. On Thinking about an Advance Care Directive Katrina Scott
End Matter
Bibliography Dale McGowan, Anthony B. Pinn
Index Dale McGowan, Anthony B. Pinn

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A short accessible book that represents humanism in a positive light is highly welcome, and this is what Dale McGowan and Anthony Pinn give us in Everyday Humanism
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