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Communication in Surgical Practice

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This volume brings together a range of linguistic, sociological, and professional views on communication in surgical practice. It aims to provide an insight into the complexity of communication in surgery, covering the variety of communicative activities required in everyday surgical work.

The selection of authors from a variety of interactive sociolinguistic disciplines in collaboration with clinicians explores a broad range of topics and the methodologies currently used to understand communication in surgical practice.

The intended audience for this book includes surgeons, medical educators, communication researchers, linguists, sociologists, and others with an interest in surgical and medical communication.

Published: Mar 15, 2016

Book Contributors

Section Chapter Authors
Chapter 1
Examining communication in surgical practice Sarah J. White, John Cartmill
Section I: The Consultation
Chapter 2 The Referred Consultation Sarah J. White, Maria Stubbe, Lindsay MacDonald, Tony Dowell, Kevin Dew, Rod Gardner
Chapter 3 Doing Patient-Centred Consultations: Some Challenges for International Medical Graduates Lynda Yates, Maria Dahm
Chapter 4 Psychological Effects in Surgical Decision-making: Evidence, Ethics and Outcomes Y. Gavriel Ansara
Chapter 5 Breaking Informed Consent: Strategies for Risk Communication in Surgical Practice Maria Dahm, Israel Berger
Chapter 6 . Do Surgeons Want to Operate? Negotiating the Treatment Plan in Surgical Consultations Maria Stubbe, Sarah J. White, Lindsay MacDonald, Tony Dowell, Rod Gardner, Kevin Dew
Chapter 7 Negotiating Treatment Recommendations in Orthopaedic Surgery Consultations Shannon Clark, Pamela Hudak
Section II: The Operating Theatre
Chapter 8 Transactions Between Matter and Meaning: Surgical Contexts and Symbolic Action David Butt, Alison Moore, John Cartmill
Chapter 9 Operating Together: The Collective Achievement of Surgical Action Lorenza Mondada
Chapter 10 “Coming Up!”: Why Verbal Acknowledgement Matters in the Operating Theatre Terhi Korkiakangas, Sharon-Marie Weldon, Jeff Bezemer, Roger Kneebone
Chapter 11 Lovers, Wrestlers, Surgeons: a Contextually Motivated View of Interpersonal Engagement and Body Alignment in Surgical Interaction Alison Moore
Chapter 12 Who's Who?: Constructing Roles During Minor Awake Surgeries Israel Berger, Sarah J. White
Chapter 13 Toward a Language of Operative Surgery John Cartmill, David Butt
Section III: The Aftermath
Chapter 14 Inter-Professional Clinical Handovers in Surgical Practice Peter Roger, Maria Dahm, John Cartmill, Lynda Yates
Chapter 15 Open Disclosure in Surgical Practice Stewart Dunn
Chapter 16 Clinical Communication Education for Surgeons Suzanne Kurtz
End Matter
Index Sarah J. White

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This volume has significant academic merit and fills a gap that currently exists in the academic literature – pulling together a variety of perspectives on communication in surgery.
Marcy E. Rosenbaum, Professor of Family Medicine, University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine and Chair of tEACH, the teaching committee for European Association for Communication in Healthcare