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Testing for Language Teachers

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The aim of this book is to help second and foreign language teachers make good classroom tests. Using this book will help educators make tests from weekly quizzes to final exams.

This 12-chapter book, written for a wide range of readers, is suitable for semester length teacher education courses as well as for individual study. At the end of every chapter are discussion questions and special application tasks that will help teachers design and make their own tests.

The book introduces standardized tests, but concentrates on teacher made tests, including objective tests and performance tests for speaking and writing. It will help readers understand useful descriptive statistics to analyze and revise existing tests. It also includes item analyses that empower teachers to analyze items on their tests in order to improve both items and tests. There are also chapters on how to calculate and increase test reliability, and on understanding new conceptions of test validity.

Innovative chapters include the role of theory in testing, standard setting for cut score determination, and a chapter on relationship of testing and teaching.

It also includes an extensive glossary of terms alphabetized for quick reference.

Published: Jul 25, 2014

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