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Persuade Me!

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Persuade Me! Adolescent Political Discourse in Virtual and Non-Virtual Spaces, takes a positive discourse analytic (PDA) gaze (Martin, 2004) to examine semiotic resources deployed by adolescents to persuade audiences in both virtual and non-virtual spaces. Informing theories for the model of text and context developed in the book include systemic functional linguistics as well as sociology and New Literacy Studies. These multiple perspectives are needed to fully account for the multi-layered social activities, roles and relationships, purposes, discourse forms and modalities encountered in contexts within and beyond educational institutions. The book includes fine-grained illustrative analysis from a corpus of 200 texts produced by adolescents. While informed by both rhetorical and social semiotic theories, the analysis builds on SFL descriptions of genre and Appraisal, which have informed a great deal of Australian and international research over the past twenty years. In addition to explicating the rich resources deployed by adolescents to achieve their social goals in the civic and academic spheres, the book explores teaching and mentoring practices, which draw on the findings of the analysis to plan and implement a critical social literacy pedagogy relevant to 21st century adolescents.

Published: Oct 1, 2025