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Landmarks in CALL Research

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This volume features the most frequently cited articles from CALICO journal over the past twenty years, from 1995-2015. This period of time represents the era of the Internet and these articles largely reflect the increasing importance and focus of Internet-based instruction. These articles have served as a springboard for many research projects that have taken place in the intervening years. They will certainly continue to inform future investigation as well.

Published: Mar 18, 2016


Section Chapter Authors
Chapter 1
Introduction Greg Kessler
Chapter 2
Comparing Face-To-Face and Electronic Discussion in the Second Language Classroom Mark Warschauer
Chapter 3
Developing L2 Oral Proficiency through Synchronous CMC: Output, Working Memory, and Interlanguage Development J. Scott Payne, Paul J. Whitney
Chapter 4
Recent Developments in Technology and Language Learning: A Literature Review and Meta-analysis Yong Zhao
Chapter 5
Evolutionary Trajectories, Internet-mediated Expression, and Language Education Steven L. Thorne, J. Scott Payne
Chapter 6
Interactional Features of Synchronous Computer-Mediated Communication in the Intermediate L2 Class: A Sociocultural Case Study Mark Darhower
Chapter 7
A Theoretical Foundation for the Development of Pedagogical Tasks in Computer Mediated Communication M. Rafael Salaberry
Chapter 8
Web 2.0, Synthetic Immersive Environments, and Mobile Resources for Language Education Julie M. Sykes, Ana Oskoz, Steven L. Thorne
Chapter 9
Understanding and Working with 'Failed Communication' in Telecollaborative Exchanges Robert O'Dowd, Markus Ritter
End Matter
Index Greg Kessler


A worthwhile volume for those interested in CALL research