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Fabricating Identities

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Fabricating Identities pairs early career scholars with members of Culture on the Edge, to explore how social actors identify themselves through their practices and associations. The book is arranged in a series of articles and commentaries that all press the model of seeing what we usually call identity as the result of a series of identifications—actions and circumstances that enable us to understand ourselves as related to others in specific ways. Changing relations result in changing senses of identity.

With an introduction and substantive theoretical afterword, the book’s brief main chapters make it an ideal conversation-starter in classes or primer for those wishing to rethink how we normally talk about identity.

Published: Sep 25, 2017

Book Contributors


Section Chapter Authors
Preface Russell McCutcheon
Introduction Russell McCutcheon
Chapter 1
Who are You? I'm a Religious Studies Scholar K. Merinda Simmons
Chapter 2
Am I a Religious Studies Scholar? David Robertson
Chapter 3
Who are You? I'm Wednesday's Child Craig Martin
Chapter 4
Seeing the Forest and the Trees Sarah Levine
Chapter 5
Who are You? I'm Greek Vaia Touna
Chapter 6
You're Greek? Well..., I'm (Northern) Irish, Kind'a... Christopher Cotter
Chapter 7
Who are You? I'm a Miser Steven Ramey
Chapter 8
Contesting Labels and the Study of Religion Anja Kirsch
Chapter 9
Who are You? I'm a Leg Crosser Russell McCutcheon
Chapter 10
Who am I? Merely a Player Candace Mixon
Chapter 11
Who are You? I'm a Feminist Leslie Smith
Chapter 12
Atheism and its Consequences Ian Alexander Cuthbertson
Chapter 13
Who are You? I'm a Vegetarian Steven Ramey
Chapter 14
You are what you Eat Sarah Dees
Chapter 15
Who are You? I'm an Alabamian Russell McCutcheon
Chapter 16
Secrecy, Stories and Boundaries Emily Schmidt
Chapter 17
Who are You? I'm Vaia and I'm Touna Vaia Touna
Chapter 18
"Naaaaaw you Show me YOUR ID" Richard Newton
Chapter 19
Who are You? I'm a New Mom K. Merinda Simmons
Chapter 20
I'm a Soon-to-be Dad Jason Ellsworth
Chapter 21
Who are You? I am/am not a McCutcheonite Craig Martin
Chapter 22
I Know you are, but what am I? Stacie Swain
Chapter 23
Who are You? I'm Short (...and Cute) Leslie Smith
Chapter 24
I'm "Irish", Torontonian,...French? Matt Sheedy
Express Yourself Russell McCutcheon
End Matter
Index Russell McCutcheon