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Explorations in Women, Rights, and Religions

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The application of women’s rights to the religions of the world have prompted highly contentious debates. This volume explores the many intricate issues raised in such interactions.

The chapters in this volume are authored by women scholars of religion from diverse regions of the world, representing a plurality of religions, including indigenous religions. To enrich this already complex undertaking, four philosophers and legal scholars have also contributed. Their chapters help to clarify present challenges and envision innovative possibilities. The volume identifies archaic attitudes involving exclusionary regulations and controversial gender-specific practices. More contemporary impasses, such as individualism, so prevalent in western rights debates, and the unitary model of human rights, where “one size fits all,” as promulgated in the west, are also appraised. Current constructive moves, especially expanding the notion of rights to involve relationships, are acknowledged. A primary concern of this volume is that of fostering future such collaborations of women advocates of gender justice.

Published: Feb 15, 2020

Book Contributors

Section Chapter Authors
Explorations in Women, Rights, and Religions Morny Joy
Chapter 1
Sexual Violence, Religion and Women’s Rights in a Global Perspective Louise du Toit
Chapter 2
Understanding Human Rights from Indigenous Women’s Perspectives Sylvia Marcos
Chapter 3
Women, Ordination, and a Buddhist Perspective: A Violation of Rights? Carola Roloff
Chapter 4
Continued Discrimination under the Indian Act Beverly Jacobs
Chapter 5
Examining Competing Claims in the Dialogue over Sex Education in Ontario: Women, Rights and Religion Pamela Dickey Young
Chapter 6
Women’s Rights and Religion: Jewish Style Norma Baumel Joseph
Chapter 7
Maria Clara in the Twenty-first Century: The Uneasy Discourse between the Cult of the Virgin Mary and the Filipino Women’s Lived Realities Jeane Peracullo
Chapter 8
The Reconstruction of Muslim Women’s Property Rights in the Twenty-first Century Zaleha Kamaruddin
Chapter 9
Charity and Justice: A Conversation with Evangelical Christian Women Serving Marginalized Populations in British Columbia Kathryn Chan, Erin Thrift
Chapter 10
Women, Rights Talk, and African Pentecostalism Rosalind Hackett
Chapter 11
Politicizing Piety: Women’s Rights and Roles in the Tarbiyah Movement in Indonesia Diah Arimbi
Chapter 12
Women’s Freedom of Religion Claims in Canada: Assessing the Role of Choice Jennifer Koshan, Jonnette Watson Hamilton
Chapter 13
Women, Rights and Religion in India: Questioning the Tradition Asha Mukherjee
Chapter 14
Caring Detachment in Buddhism and Implications for Women’s Rights Suwanna Satha-Anand
Chapter 15
Afterword: Women and Religion in Global and Local Perspective Paul Bramadat
End Matter
Index Morny Joy