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Ancient Religion in Five Minutes

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Ancient Religion in Five Minutes provides an approachable and engaging introduction to commonly asked questions about the religions and religious activity of the distant past that still pique our interest today. Intended for beginning students and a general readership, this volume contains essays about ancient religious issues, including:
• Historical curiosities, or questions you’ve always wondered about but never bothered to look up (“Did ancient peoples worship extraterrestrials?”; “Why are ancient religions polytheistic?”; or, “Did ancient religions practice human sacrifice”).
• Specific questions about particular religions (“How reliable is the Bible?”; “Was the Buddha a real person”; or “Are the Vedas the old religious texts?”).
• Larger questions about the origins of religion in general (“What is the oldest religion?”; “Where does religion come from?”; or “Did all religion start as magic?”).

This collection of essays spans across different religious traditions and practices. Each essay is written by a leading authority on the subject and offers concise, thoughtful answers, along with suggestions for further reading. Altogether, this volume invites the reader to appreciate the importance of ancient religion for understanding religion in general, making this book ideal for introductory courses or an informative personal reference.

Published: Jul 1, 2022