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Language, Culture, and Knowledge in Context

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This volume investigates the nature of language, culture, knowledge, and context, and their interrelationships. Each of these is defined -- in terms of their relationship to language in particular, and to identify their respective properties. What exactly is meant by the term knowledge and what are the different kinds of knowledge? How might this be shared in a dialogue between two interlocutors, within a shared common ground, in the realisation of successful speech acts?

Cultural and other knowledge is also found within the linguistic landscape and the artefacts within our environment. The book explores the ways that language is central to expressions of knowledge and culture. The purpose of the book is therefore to draw a comprehensive and representative picture of the dimensions of meaning, emerging from the interrelationship between these domains of language, culture, knowledge, and context.

Published: Mar 8, 2022

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List of Figures Brian Nolan
Chapter 1
Introduction Brian Nolan
Chapter 2
Language and Culture Brian Nolan
Chapter 3
The Nature of Worldview Brian Nolan
Chapter 4
The Linguistic Landscape Brian Nolan
Chapter 5
The Nature of Cultural Artefacts Brian Nolan
Chapter 6
Cultural Models and Way of Life Brian Nolan
Chapter 7
Knowledge and its Representation Brian Nolan
Chapter 8
Context, Situation, and Common Ground Brian Nolan
Chapter 9
Salience, Context, and Common Ground Brian Nolan
Chapter 10
Culture and Language in Interaction Brian Nolan
Chapter 11
Some Final Comments Brian Nolan
End Matter
References Brian Nolan
Index Brian Nolan


This book represents an innovative and lively bringing together of ideas about culture, linguistic communication and knowledge representation. It addresses questions that are fundamental to our understanding of how humans successfully communicate through language in ever changing contexts. The author uses his mastery of the contributing disciplines of linguistics, semiotics, cultural studies and artificial intelligence to produce an enjoyable and accessible tour through a range of linguistic and cultural insights into ordinary conversation, public signs and artefacts.
Professor John Saeed, Trinity College Dublin