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The Handbook on Music Business and Creative Industries in Education

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Creative arts professions (music, media, and performance) remain in a period of flux. As the music industry and related fields adapt to changing business models, student interest in training for a career in the entertainment sector continues to rise. Though the expansion of global degree offerings in the creative industries expands each year, a “state of the field” on educational and pedagogical issues in the music business and the creative industries has yet to be created.

Creative arts research encompasses a broad range of sectors in the music and entertainment industries; among these subfields include performance, technology, entrepreneurship, marketing, and social justice. Globally, formal training for such pathways happens most often in higher education. The Handbook provides a practical and engaging resource for faculty, staff, administrators, graduate students, and industry members working on the “front lines” in teaching and learning. Likewise, The Handbook presents a wide range of global perspectives from academics, industry representatives, BIPOC voices, graduate students and ECRs from the United States, the UK, Europe, Mexico, Australia, South Africa, and Canada (among others).

Another factor that affects HE stakeholders is the absence of a versatile resource on the teaching and learning issues in music business and related fields. While The Handbook avoids overly prescriptive models of teaching and learning, the volume includes topical research through case studies, ethnographies, and a thorough cross-section of qualitative and quantitative methods. Such a resource may be germane particularly to educators transitioning from industry to faculty appointments in HE. Authors are encouraged to draw from their expertise and use narrative analysis to support their perspectives.

Published: Mar 1, 2025

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