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African Diaspora Religions in Five Minutes

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African Diaspora Religions in Five Minutes introduces readers to the ideas, customs, and peoples associated with what are commonly termed “religions of the African diaspora.” It is comprised of brief, readable essays phrased as answers to questions that those new to the topic might ask about African diaspora religions, such as:
What is “diaspora?”
Where are African diaspora religions located?
What is the relationship between these religions and the religions of Africa?

The volume covers a broad range of geographies, time periods, and traditions, from Santeria in colonial Cuba to nineteenth century Haitian Vodun to African American Christianity in the twenty-first century United States, and considers those topics from the points of view of history, anthropology, theology, and literary studies. Essays are written by specialists in the area and provide readers with conceptual frameworks and source suggestions that enable further research. Ultimately, this volume illuminates the ways that the study of individual religions might foster insight into the study of religion in general, making it an ideal resource for introductory courses or personal study.

Because each chapter can be read in about five minutes, the books offer ideal supplementary resources in classrooms or an engaging read for those curious about the world around them.

Published: Sep 1, 2024