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Cooperative Learning through a Reflective Lens

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This title in the series explores cooperative learning (CL) through the lens of reflective language teaching, exploring a wide range of issues on which teachers will want to reflect and suggesting ways that they could do that reflection. The book begins with background on CL including its theoretical roots and the research which supports its use. Next, eight principles for using cooperative learning are explained and examples are given as to how to implement those principles. Further highlighting the book’s practical focus is a chapter on nuts and bolts matters that need to be considered when teachers help their students do CL. Of course, the light of reflection shines throughout the book, including in a chapter on how to encourage reflection among students on their own learning and on the functioning of their CL groups. Another chapter offers guidance on how reflection can inform teachers’ use of CL with their students, as well as teachers’ cooperation with their colleagues. The practical icing on the tasty, highly nutritious cake that this book serves up for teachers are example lessons which bring to life the principles and practicalities discussed in earlier chapters of the book.

Published: Nov 1, 2022