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Essential Knowledge and Skills for Essay Writing

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This book offers an integrated approach to writing for intermediate/advanced users of English. Its content and layout are based on four main tenets: formal knowledge, rhetorical knowledge, subject knowledge, and process knowledge. Focusing on these tenets, the book introduces students to descriptive, narrative, expository, and argumentative writing. Each unit begins with a product approach, wherein students learn to recognise and evaluate texts at the micro and macro-level. Key language features (formal knowledge) and organisational elements (rhetorical knowledge)—such as figurative language, thesis statements, supporting details, transitional devices, and so on—are worked into each unit via short exercises. These exercises are based on real-world examples and extracts from student essays, and can be done individually or in groups, at home or in the classroom. Once key language features and organisational elements are in place, students then work on generating ideas (subject knowledge) using critical questions, collaborative discussions, and visualisation strategies. At the end of each unit, students are challenged to write longer essays, and are introduced to various strategies and reflective exercises (process knowledge), such as collaborative revision through detailed peer-review questions. Overall, the book helps students acquire essential knowledge and, ultimately, transferable and functional writing skills.

Published: Apr 1, 2023