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Music, Meaning and Value in Paraguayan Song

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Music, Meaning and Value in Paraguayan Song constitutes an important new contribution to Latin American music research. The first edited English-language collection dedicated to Paraguayan music, it consists of a variety of essays demonstrating the importance of music in articulating Paraguayan cultural meaning and values. After a foreword by acclaimed Grammy-nominated Paraguayan classical guitarist Berta Rojas, whose Jeporeka 2021 project inspired the research presented in this volume, Paraguayan, Brazilian, U.S., German, and British scholars with wide-ranging areas of expertise, experiences, and disciplinary backgrounds approach Paraguayan music in an interdisciplinary and transcultural fashion that highlights socio-cultural, historical, and global contexts. Using a variety of theoretical approaches, the authors explore identity construction in the contemporary Paraguayan songs of Jeporeka 2021; the impact of Guarani culture and language on traditional, classical and popular music; gendered expressions and representations in Paraguayan music; female political resistance to the Stroessner dictatorship during the Nuevo Cancionero movement; and the role played by the notion of paraguayidad in newer Paraguayan songs.

Published: Oct 1, 2026


Section Chapter Authors
Jeporeka 2021 ‘Our Song, Our Portrait’ Berta Rojas
Transdisciplinary and -cultural Approaches to Paraguayan Music Studies Alfredo Colman, Simone Krüger Bridge, Timothy Watkins
Chapter 1
Identity in Contemporary Paraguayan Song: Exploring Meaning and Value in the Songs of the Jeporeka 2021 Project Simone Krüger Bridge, Sonia Valiente
Chapter 2
Alma Guaraní: The Paradoxical Cultural Identity of Paraguayan Music Timothy Watkins
Chapter 3
The Guaraní Language as a Melodic Source in Paraguayan Song Alfredo Colman
Chapter 4
‘Why Discriminate Against the Footprints of our Ancestors?’: Guaraní in the Voices of Paraguayan Female Singers Romy Martinez
Chapter 5
Stereotyping Women in the Works of Teodoro S. Mongelós Elisa Mercedes Lezcano Verón
Chapter 6
Selva e ‘India’: Celsa Ramírez Rodas and the Female Resistance during the New Singer-Songwriter Movement under the Dictatorship of Alfredo Stroessner in Paraguay Miguel Díaz Antar , Nicolás Ramírez Salaberry
Chapter 7
The Paraguayan Polca: Re-imagining Tradition in Creative Musical Practice Matt Dicken