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Teaching Awareness in the Buddhist Tradition

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Teaching Awareness in the Buddhist Tradition provides important contributions to understanding the teaching of mindfulness or awareness (Pāli sati, Sanskrit smṛti) in Buddhism and related traditions, examined in original ways through a collection of articles that approach this theme from different perspectives including philosophical, philological, exegetic, and anthropological. This volume is dedicated to Professor Corrado Pensa, a well-known Buddhist scholar and practitioner who has played an important role in spreading Buddhist practice through Italy and internationally. The majority of this book is based on the scholarly output of Professor Pensa’s former students, who engage in research on various topics concerning Buddhist awareness and other related topics. The last section consists of essays by contemporary meditation teachers offered as tribute to Corrado Pensa through reflections on practical topics such as developing attention in ordinary life, mindfulness of breathing, and awareness as wisdom. This volume integrates the theory and practice of the Buddhist tradition, and will be a valuable resource to both academics and practitioners of Buddhism.

Published: Aug 1, 2023

Section Chapter Authors
Foreword Joseph Goldstein
Tracing the Path of the Dharma Chiara Neri, Francesco Sferra
Bibliography of Corrado Pensa Chiara Neri, Francesco Sferra
I. Words on the Dharma
1. The Meditative Cultivation of Joy Bhikkhu Analayo
2. The Concept of Pariyogāhaṇa in the Epistemology of the Paṭisambhidāmagga: An Immersion in Knowledge and Liberation Giuliano Giustarini
3. Buddhist Awareness as a Means to Unveil the Past and Emancipate the Future: The Buddhist Awareness Camps Project in post-1990 Nepal Chiara Letizia
4. An Unshakeable Awareness: The ‘Liberation while Living’ According to the Moksopāya Bruno Lo Turco
5. Framing the Other: Mindfulness, Photography, and Comparative Religions Filippo Marsili
6. The Teaching of Awareness (sati) in Corrado Pensa’s Thought Chiara Neri
7. A Joyful Song Celebrating Buddhist Practice Marta Sernesi
8. Evil According to Buddhism Francesco Sferra
II. The Dharma in Words
9. The Loveliness of the Ordinary Christina Feldman
10. Ānāpānasati—a brief introduction Larry Rosenberg
11. Living in Mindfulness and Wisdom Andrea Schnoller


A welcome contribution to Buddhist Studies. The main part of this book is dedicated to the scholarly output of Professor Corrado Pensa's former students whereas the last section consists of essays from contemporary meditation teachers. A valuable aspect of this book is thus the integration of two aspects of the Buddhist tradition, i.e., theory and practice.
Dr Tamara Ditrich, University of Sydney and University of Ljubljana

Presents a highly interesting and original collection of articles on a variety of specific topics related to awareness.
Dr Cristina Pecchia, University of Vienna and Austrian Academy of Sciences