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Between Pride and Despair: Stories of Queensland’s Great Barrier Reef and Wet Tropics Rainforests

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The latest special issue of Queensland Review reflects on Queensland’s Great Barrier Reef and Wet Tropics Rainforests, exploring the relationships between these at-risk ecosystems and people and places both nearby and further afield. The issue interweaves personal reflections with scholarly articles, showcasing the broader humanity of environmental care and aiming to dilute the arbitrary divisions between ourselves and nature.

Published: Jun 1, 2022

Book Contributors

Section Chapter Authors
Between Pride and Despair: Stories of Queensland's Great Barrier Reef and Wet Tropics Rainforests Iain McCalman, Kerrie Foxwell-Norton
Chapter 1
Caring for Colour: Multispecies Aesthetics at the Great Barrier Reef Killian Quigley
Chapter 2
Aquariums and Human–Animal Relations at the Great Barrier Reef Ann Elias
Chapter 3
Great Barrier Reef World Heritage: Nature in Danger Celmara Pocock
Chapter 4
Coal versus Coral: Australian Climate Change Politics sees the Great Barrier Reef in Court Claire Konkes, Cynthia Nixon, Libby Lester, Kathleen Williams
Chapter 5
Women of the Great Barrier Reef: Stories of Gender and Conservation Kerrie Foxwell-Norton, Deb Anderson, Anne M. Leitch
Chapter 6
Drawing a Line in the Sand: Bioengineering as Conservation in the Face of Extinction Debt Josh Wodak
Chapter 7
Beautiful Shells and their Connection to the Reef Chrissy Grant
Chapter 8
Coralations: Back to the Breath Irus Braverman
Chapter 9
Basket Case! Carden C. Wallace
Chapter 10
Sounds of Silence Diane Tarte
Chapter 11
Urannah: The Isolated Home of Rare Species Peter McCallum
Chapter 12
The Daintree Blockade: Making (Radio) Waves Bill Wilkie
Chapter 13
'Tourist Fiction:' Cassowaries in Mission Beach Leonard Andy
A Reflection on the Role of Tourism within Vulnerable Biodiverse Reef and Rainforest Regions: A Case-Study from Mission Beach and the Cassowary Coast Iain McCalman