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This inaugural volume in the series, Themes and Issues in Biblical Studies, provides readers with informed presentations of a range of current debates concerning Deuteronomy as well as key themes and their implications. The contributors challenge a number of long-standing hypotheses and propose alternative options. E-publication of individual chapters will precede printing of the finalized collection. The volume includes issues such as the proposed influence of Esarhaddon’s Succession adê on Deuteronomy 13 and 12; berît as treaty, covenant, or instructions; Deuteronomy in dialogue with ancient Near Eastern law collections; reconceived Yahwism; Torah as a tool of propaganda and hegemony adapted from Persian dāta; characteristics of the Samaritan version of Deuteronomy; the possible Samarian input into the composition of Deuteronomy; and the influence of Deuteronomy on the final shape of the psalter. Themes examined include: geographical dimensions of the book; parenting; economic dimensions of the book; ethnicity and power; pedagogy; Moses as master scribe; pragmatism, utopia and dystopia in the book; ethics; the use of Deuteronomy in the New Testament; and war regulations in light of current military philosophy.

Published: Oct 1, 2023


Section Chapter Authors
Chapter 1
Saying Goodbye to the Theory of the Influence of Esarhaddon’s Succession Adê on Deuteronomy 13 and 28 Diana Edelman
Chapter 2
The Role of Covenant in the Book of Deuteronomy Diana Edelman
Chapter 3
Deuteronomy in Dialogue with Ancient Near Eastern Law Collections Megan B. Turton
Chapter 4
Geographical Dimensions of the Book of Deuteronomy Diana Edelman
Chapter 5
Ethnic Israel and Power in Deuteronomy Kåre Berge
Chapter 6
Basic Tools to Grasp the Economy of Deuteronomy 12–26 Philippe Guillaume
Chapter 7
Yhwh (ha)Elohim and a Reconceived Yahwism in the Book of Deuteronomy Diana Edelman
Chapter 8
Master Scribe and Forefather of a Scribal Guild: Moses in Deuteronomy Benedetta Rossi
Chapter 9
Torah in Deuteronomy Benedetta Rossi
Chapter 10
Pedagogy in Deuteronomy Kåre Berge
Chapter 11
Pragmatism, Utopia and Dystopia in Deuteronomy Philippe Guillaume
Chapter 12
Deuteronomic Parenting Philippe Guillaume
Chapter 13
Was There Samarian Input into the Composition or Contents of Deuteronomy? Diana Edelman
Chapter 14
The Influence of Deuteronomy on the Final Shape of the Psalter Bernard Gosse
Chapter 15
Samaritan Deuteronomy Sidnie White Crawford
Chapter 16
The Use of Deuteronomy in the New Testament Augustine Mensah
Chapter 17
Deuteronomy and Contemporary Ethics Georg Braulik
Chapter 18
War Regulations in Deuteronomy in Light of Current Military Philosophy Ernst Axel Knauf
Chapter 19
The Reception of Deuteronomy in Ghanaian Christianity Augustine Mensah