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Be Like Adam's Son

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The twelve chapters collected in the volume criticise, analyse, and discuss the issue of peace in Arab literature, philosophical and theological thought, and both institutional and grassroots practices of intercultural and interreligious mediation. The volume consists of three parts. Part 1 is entitled Theorising Peace and Nonviolence and explores the contribution of prominent Islamic intellectuals to the interpretation of jihad and the elaboration of a Quranic theory of nonviolence. Part 2, From Literature of War to Literature of Reconciliation, deals with the Arab literary production, with a focus on Iraq and Morocco. The four chapters on Iraq consider the themes of pluralism and peaceful coexistence in light of the continued condition of war, highlighting the complexity of the Iraqi literary field between domestic and diasporic. The two chapters dealing with Morocco focus on the literature stemming from the reconciliation process that has taken place in the country since the beginning of the new Millennium, shedding light on how institutional processes of internal pacification have also affected its literary field. Part 3 considers the Practices of Mediation and includes four chapters dealing with conflict-avoidant strategies in Egyptian literature, interreligious and intercultural dialogue in premodern time, and mediation practices carried out by religious institutions and grassroots organizations in Palestine and Jordan.

Published: Mar 19, 2024

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Section Chapter Authors
Foreword Isabella Camera d’Afflitto
Introduction Fernanda Fischione, Arturo Monaco
Part 1. Theorising Peace and Nonviolence
1. From Ǧihād “until the Day of Resurrection” to Nonviolence: The Debate on War and Peace in the Mid-1960s Post-Nahḍah Arab Generation Paola Pizzi
2. Kun ka-ibn Ādam: Nonviolence and Quranic Interpretation in Ǧawdat Saʿīd’s Thought Pietro Menghini
Part 2. From Literature of War to Literature of Reconciliation
3. The Iran-Iraq War in Iraqi Novels: Oblivion and Disappearance Ronen Zeidel
4. The Painful Path towards Civil Liberties and Social Justice Followed by the Iraqi Hayāt Šarārah Elvira Diana
5. Pluralism and Ethno-Religious Identities in Iraqi Fiction: ʿAbdullāh Ṣaḫī’s Trilogy on Thawra City Antonio Pacifico
6. In Search of the Virtuous City: Coexistence and (In)Hospitality in ‘Alī Badr’s ʿĀzif al-ġuyūm Annamaria Bianco
7. Literature as a Mirror: The Search for Peace and Pacification in Moroccan Society as Depicted in Banāt al-ṣubbār (2018) by Karīmah Aḥdād Paola Viviani
8. Youssef Fadel’s Trilogy: Testifying Violence to Negotiate Peace in Moroccan Literature Cristina Dozio
Part 3. Practices of Mediation
9. Lā tuṣāliḥ in the Sīrat al-Zīr Sālim: A Hymn to Long-term Peace Daniela Potenza
10. Twofold Slavery: Slave in Malta, Slave to Love of his Beloved Master: The Peaceful Letter a Muslim Sent to Baldassarre Loyola Mandes S.J. (1631-1667) Federico Stella
11. Peace and Justice: A Catholic Palestinian Response to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Paolo Maggiolini
12. A Thousand and One Jordans: The Story of Rafedìn Odetta Pizzingrilli
End Matter
Index of Names Fernanda Fischione, Arturo Monaco
Index of Subjects Fernanda Fischione, Arturo Monaco