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Mormonism in Five Minutes

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Mormonism in Five Minutes provides an accessible introduction to the origins, ideologies, and practices of Mormonism in its different forms. It comprises brief and readable essays that answer common questions that those unfamiliar with the tradition might ask, including: Is Mormonism Christian? What is the relationship of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to Mormonism? How did the Mormon scriptural canon develop? Why does the Book of Mormon quote so much the book of Isaiah? What do members of the Community of Christ believe about the Book of Mormon? Do some Mormons still practice polygamy? Did Joseph Smith base temple rituals off Masonic rites? Do Mormons believe they are saved by works? What does Mormonism teach about the environment? Why couldn’t Black people enter Latter-day Saint temples until 1978? Is Mormonism problematic for Indigenous peoples? Why do many Mormons wear special “garments”? Do women exercise priesthood authority within Mormonism? Why do some Mormons believe they will rescue the US Constitution?

Because each chapter can be read in about five minutes, the book offers ideal supplementary resources for classrooms or an engaging read for those curious about the world around them.

Published: Apr 1, 2025