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Language, Knowledge and Literacy

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This is a book that focuses on literacy development in contemporary research and educational endeavours around the world, by embracing a post-Hallidayan view of literacy and linguistics. The fourteen collected chapters all respond to the overarching question of how literacy development can be critically explored in light of global societal changes, such as the complexification of knowledge, global mobility and multilingualism, and the systematic multimediality brought about by developments in digital technology. Some chapters deal with language, knowledge and literacy at school, while others in higher education, all providing systematic analyses of texts in context and discussion of their relevance towards learning. They span as diverse contexts and discourses as those represented by all areas of language and knowledge in social life, ranging from science to literature, from school to academic literacies, and involving diverse regional research and educational experiences. The methodologies they use include large scale computational analyses as well as the in-depth case study approach. They represent the many articulations of the post-Hallidayan view of language as a social semiotic, including Academic Literacies, Legitimation Code Theory, and Appraisal. By bringing together established scholars and new voices from within and around systemic functional linguistics, the book aims to contribute to the Text and Social Context series with a fresh and forward-looking gaze on literacy and linguistics.

Published: Nov 1, 2025