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Sacred Psychology

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Psychology today pathologizes all aspects of the human condition without ever examining its own ills, which have caused it to become fragmented. People from non-Western backgrounds are often adversely affected by the limitations of the discipline, and often avoid treatment altogether. By contrast, a true “science of the soul” has existed for millennia in all the world’s diverse spiritual cultures. Although a plethora of modern therapies are now available, they are hindered in their efficacy by having become entirely divorced from sacred reality. This work argues that it is necessary to restore this “science of the soul” by drawing on the perspective of non-Western wisdom traditions as understood since time immemorial. Examples are given of the fundamental differences that are found between modern psychology and the traditional psychologies of various religions, which also existed in the West prior to the Enlightenment era. Furthermore, it will be shown how non-Western philosophy can help rehabilitate an authentically healing psychology in support of promoting sound mental health in our afflicted modern culture. Sacred psychologies, therefore, afford us the best opportunity to tackle the innumerable challenges that confront human beings today, such as trauma, mental illness, addiction, death, and the meaning of our lives.

Published: Feb 1, 2025


Section Chapter Authors
Chapter 1
The Anomaly of Modern Western Psychology Samuel Bendeck Sotillos
Chapter 2
Birth as Theophany Samuel Bendeck Sotillos
Chapter 3
The Metaphysics of Trauma Samuel Bendeck Sotillos
Chapter 4
The Enigma of Psychosis Samuel Bendeck Sotillos
Chapter 5
Addiction and Wholeness Samuel Bendeck Sotillos
Chapter 6
Death as Transformation Samuel Bendeck Sotillos