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AI in 5 Minutes

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“Artificial Intelligence” is like water for anyone doing anything with technology almost anywhere. At the very least, the topic is part of the conversations among the public as well as specialists around the world. AI in 5 Minutes offers everyone a reader-friendly introduction to the wide variety of topics touched by artificial intelligence and the recent emergence of generative AI in society. The book offers brief essays on more than 50 questions that span the areas of culture, education, technology, business, politics, entertainment, governance, and ethics. Ideal for both classroom use and personal study, some of the questions asked include:
1. What is AI and how does it work?
2. How does AI measure up when compared to other technological breakthroughs?
3. How do AI and robotics relate to one another?
4. Can AI be biased in making decisions?
5. Now that it’s here, will we ever be able to turn AI “off”?
6. How do we best prepare the next generation for an AI-driven world?
7. Can AI create original music or art?
8. Why do people need schools and universities if AI can do science?
9. Does AI have emotions or consciousness?
10. Could AI give insights into the thinking of God, evolution, or aliens?

The short, 5-minute chapters help readers examine the implications and assumptions in common questions about generative AI. Readers will see how scholars from a variety of fields relate today’s questions to their expertise with long-standing scholarship and science on artificial intelligence. Their concise and thoughtful responses conclude with suggestions for further reading.

Published: Mar 1, 2027