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Systemic Functional Linguistics, Part 2

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Volume 2 builds on the foundation developed in Volume 1, focussing on theoretically guided modelling of language in computational linguistic systems and on key aspects of the theory such as metafunction, rank (the conception of “morphology”), indeterminacy and probability. This volume also includes a treatment of systemic functional meta-theory — the theory of the nature and appliability of theory. The new chapter written for Volume 2 extends the discussion of the challenge of theorizing language to the challenge of modelling language for neurosemiotics, thus paying attention to the appliability of systemic functional linguistics.

Published: Feb 1, 2025


Section Chapter Authors
List of Figures Christian Matthiessen, Kazuhiro Teruya, Kaela Peijia Zhang, Diana Slade
List of Tables Christian Matthiessen, Kazuhiro Teruya, Kaela Peijia Zhang, Diana Slade
Acknowledgements Christian Matthiessen, Kazuhiro Teruya, Kaela Peijia Zhang, Diana Slade
Foreword David Butt
Editorial Introduction Kazuhiro Teruya, Kaela Peijia Zhang, Diana Slade
Introduction Christian Matthiessen
Chapter 1
A Grammar and a Lexicon for a Text-production System Christian Matthiessen
Chapter 2
Systemic Grammar in Computation: The NIGEL Case Christian Matthiessen
Chapter 3
Semantics for a Systemic Grammar: The Chooser and Inquiry Framework Christian Matthiessen
Chapter 4
Two Approaches to Semantic Interfaces in Text Generation Christian Matthiessen
Chapter 5
Metafunctional Complementarity and Resonance in Syntagmatic Organization Christian Matthiessen
Chapter 6
Fuzziness Construed in Language: A Linguistic Perspective Christian Matthiessen
Chapter 7
On the Idea of Theory-neutral Description Christian Matthiessen
Chapter 8
Interview with Christian Matthiessen (Cardiff 1998) Christian Matthiessen
Chapter 9
Halliday’s Conception of Language as a Probabilistic System Christian Matthiessen
Chapter 10
Instantial Systems and Logogenesis Christian Matthiessen
Chapter 11
Systemic Functional Morphology: The Lexicogrammar of the Word Christian Matthiessen
Chapter 12
The Architecture of Language According to SFL: Some Reflections on Implications for Neurosemiotics Christian Matthiessen