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John Cage, a leading figure of the American musical avant-garde and lecturer and writer extraordinary, dedicated himself to the search for new horizons in musical composition. Silence is a collection of some of the essays and lectures that have made John Cage's name synonymous with all that is unpredictable and exciting in contemporary music. Outrageous they may be, but to anyone who is receptive to new ideas, to fresh and original ways of looking at and listening to things, they are a mine of fascinating discovery. And, as Cage fans will expect, the book also contains a wealth of handy information on collecting mushrooms, fishing through ice, and so on, as well as many anecdotes and Zen-type stories which illustrate Cage's exuberant artistic pre-occupations.

Published: Dec 31, 1994

Book Contributors

Section Chapter Authors
Foreword John Cage
Manifesto John Cage
Chapter 1
The Future of Music: Credo John Cage
Chapter 2
Experimental Music John Cage
Chapter 3
Experimental Music: Doctrine John Cage
Chapter 4
Composition as Process John Cage
Chapter 5
Composition John Cage
Chapter 6
Forerunners of Modern Music John Cage
Chapter 7
History of Experimental Music in the United States John Cage
Chapter 8
Erik Satie John Cage
Chapter 9
Edgard Varese John Cage
Chapter 10
Four Statements on the Dance John Cage
Chapter 11
On Robert Rauschenberg, Artist, and his Work John Cage
Chapter 12
Lecture on Nothing John Cage
Chapter 13
Lecture on Something John Cage
Chapter 14
45' for a Speaker John Cage
Chapter 15
Where are we Going? And what are we Doing? John Cage
Chapter 16
Indeterminacy John Cage
Chapter 17
Music Lovers' Field Companion John Cage


These volumes of writings show Cage's integrity over 30 years of development: the phenomenon is endlessly fascinating.
Peter Dickinson, Musical Times

On the ears and eyes of the young, John Cage is probably the most influential composer of the mid-twentieth century...Silence is a bible for the young at heart.
Wilfred Mellers, The Guardian