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Cathy Come Home

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With a new introduction by Derek Paget.

Based on facts and situations observed by the author, Cathy Come Home is a dramatised documentary telling the moving story of one young woman’s struggle to attain a home for her family – and her ultimate failure. Now regarded as a milestone in broadcasting history, this edition of Sandford’s illustrated screenplay comes with a new introduction by Derek Paget, Director of Media Studies at the University of Worcester, detailing this historic play’s significance both as groundbreaking television drama and unflinching social commentary.

When Jeremy Sandford’s screenplay was first televised by the BBC a special Cabinet meeting was held in the wake of a public furore. More importantly, the story of Cathy, which was a huge influence in the creation of Shelter, caused the authorities to abandon their policy of separating thousands of men from their families.

Published: Sep 1, 1976

Section Chapter Authors
Preface Derek Paget
Introduction Jeremy Sandford
Main Text
Screenplay: Cathy Come Home Jeremy Sandford
Notes to the 1976 Edition Jeremy Sandford
Bibliography Jeremy Sandford


Possibly the most successful TV play of all time.
Daily Express

The most important piece of dramatised documentary ever screened.
The Sunday Times