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Food Rules and Rituals

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Food Rules and Rituals includes selected papers from the 2023 Oxford Food Symposium. Grounded in a number of different disciplines, writers from around the globe consider how rules and rituals structure the experiences and meanings of consuming foods in a wide variety of contexts.

Published: Jul 1, 2024

Book Contributors

Section Chapter Authors
Foreword Mark McWilliams
Chapter 1
Fasting Regulations in the Reformation Era Ken Albala
Chapter 2
Shrouding the Caucasus: Georgian Hospitality Rituals through the French Gaze Janet Beizer
Chapter 3
Black, White, and Tan: The Rules and Rituals of a Jim Crow-Era ‘Spook Breakfast’ in Kansas City, Missouri, 1935–1939 Andrea Broomfield
Chapter 4
Food Rules and Rituals: Etiquette for the Cosmic Table Jonathan Brumberg-Kraus
Chapter 5
Spaghetti – Never on Sunday...well, almost never : Structure and Rules in an Endocuisine Anthony F. Buccini
Chapter 6
A Battle at the Bar: The Pintxo’s Conflict between Codification and Authenticity in Real Time Marti Buckley
Chapter 7
Reforming Body and Soul: Malta’s Prison Food Experience, 1920–1939 Noel Buttigieg
Chapter 8
Kaiseki Cuisine and the Meanings of Food in Japan Voltaire Cang
Chapter 9
Boundaries, Bitters, and Puffing Guns: The Sensorial Unmaking of the Food Museum Jessica Carbone
Chapter 10
The Roman Napkin: From Simple Tools to Status Symbols Scott A. Cochrane
Chapter 11
From Farm (and Forest) to Table: The Food and Feeding Rituals of Benjamin and Ruth Koren Tali Cohen
Chapter 12
Eat Your Riddles: Puzzling Practices and Dining Diversions Nathalie Cooke
Chapter 13
Exploring the Relationships between Rituals and Food at Oxford Colleges Formal Halls D Devika
Chapter 14
Corn, Beans, and Squashing Colonialism: Anishinaabe Food and Law-Making Cass Gardiner
Chapter 15
From Recipes to Remote Work: Technology’s Influence on the Preservation and Evolution of Contemporary Food Rituals during Covid-19 Mandira Ghai
Chapter 16
Versatile Ritual: Structure, Resistance, and Culinary Virtuosity in the Israeli Mimouna Rafi Grosglik, André Levy
Chapter 17
Early Twentieth-Century Viennese Cake-Mix: Changing the Rules, Erasing the Recipe Naomi Guttman
Chapter 18
Rituals of Hygiene in the Cathedral of Meat Jack Hanlon
Chapter 19
Food Rules in the Pride Lands Laura Kitchings
Chapter 20
Berches : A Ritual Bread in Its Cultural Contexts Petra Kopf, Susan Weingarten
Chapter 21
Connecting Crumbs: An Intellectual and Information Science History of Special Food Collections James Edward Malin
Chapter 22
A Diabetic’s Digest: What Following People with Diabetes Taught Me about Designing Rituals for Coping Priya Mani
Chapter 23
Rice Stories: Rituals of Prosperity and Fertility Rebecca D. Mazumdar
Chapter 24
Eating and Feeding Rituals and Edicts in Persianate Societies: From Sofreh to Tārof, Nazri, and Beyond Nader Mehravari
Chapter 25
The Hospitality Spectre: A Letter of Complaint to the Late Philosopher Jacques Derrida from a Disgruntled Hospitality Business Operator Jennie Moran
Chapter 26
Changing Food Rules and Rituals in Indigenous Tokunoshima Hanika Nakagawa
Chapter 27
Irish Harvest Rituals and Customs: A Study of Food in Irish Folklore Archives Caitríona Nic Philibín
Chapter 28
‘Perfectly Civilised and Proper’: The Social and Cultural History of Blood as Food in Ireland Kate Ryan
Chapter 29
Never Eat Pidgeon with Pumpkin: A Model of the Emergence of Food Superstitions Anders Sandberg, Len Fisher
Chapter 30
Miraculous Water and the Concept of Barakah: Cooking with Rainwater, Water - Drinking, and Smoking Jugs in Saudi Hijaz Salma Serry
Chapter 31
Maintaining, Adapting, and Creating Tradition on the Colonial Australian Christmas Table, 1788 – 1901 Madeline Shanahan
Chapter 32
The Enduring Rule that Red Meat Demands Red Wine Richard Warren Shepro
Chapter 33
Vegan Studies for the Global South? Negotiating Dietary Rules in a Warming World Ben Jamieson Stanley
Chapter 34
Rhyming Recipes: The Curious Case of the Liber Cure Cocorum Florence Swan
Chapter 35
Regarding the Lesbian Potluck Kate Thomas
Chapter 36
Fortune, Dog Meat, and Cosmic Accounting: The Vietnamese Feast of Bad Luck Khanh-Linh Trinh
Chapter 37
Large Double Double: How Tim Hortons Coffee Ritualizes Canadian Identity Ann Urbancic
End Matter
Contributors Mark McWilliams