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Game-based Approaches to CALL

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This volume features contributions that explore approaches to teaching world languages and cultures that are both computer-assisted and game-based. As the intersection of games and learning constitutes a pedagogical subgenre unto itself, this volume focuses on four elements of game design and game studies that will shape the future of not only the game industry, but of computer-assisted practices of all of kinds, especially CALL: Player/Student Agency: The Theory Defining the Future of Player/Student-Centered Design; Serious Games: The Genre Expanding the Pedagogical Potential of Game Design; eXtended Realities (XR) and A.I. Storytelling: The Technologies Shaping the Future of the Game-Based Classroom; and Multimedia Theories of Learning and Empirical Game-Based Research: Case Studies at the Intersection of CALL and Game Studies.

Published: Apr 1, 2026