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Sparkling Wines

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Sparkling Wines: The Equinox Guide for Wine Professionals and Connoisseurs is ​written for all those seeking to understand the sparkling wine industry in its entirety. The author takes the reader on unique journeys, explor​ing the intricate history of the sparkling wine trade, from its seeds, sown in 17th -century England, and roots, reaching back to 18th -century France, to the most recent developments, which are taking place on all continents except Antarctica. An extensive study of concepts has distilled nuanced professional knowledge into a reliable compendium.​The book's dense network of access points allows​ reader​s to choose their own learning paths, ranging from the collection of sparkling wine grapes, to the production of the mousse in base wines, to the choice of bottle closures and aging methods. Lavishly illustrated with color photographs woven into a tapestry of meticulously researched facts, classifications and scientific findings on champagnes and other sparkling wines, the book combines information on individual wine producers with profiles of their wines, enabling the reader to gain expertise, invaluable to their own experience of these wines.

Published: Sep 1, 2025