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Teacher Research in TESOL

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This book offers a comprehensive exploration of the intersection between teacher research and reflective practice within the field of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL). Throughout the book’s chapters, readers are guided through an in-depth examination of the significance and methodologies of teacher research in language education, as well as a consideration of how reflection is instrumental to this form of research.

Beginning with an introduction to teacher research in TESOL, the book elucidates the various approaches and methodologies employed in this area. It then delves into the concept of reflection within language education, discussing its importance and offering insights into different models and frameworks for reflective practice.

Central to the book is the discussion on the intrinsic value of reflection within teacher research. Readers are guided through an exploration of how reflective practice can contribute to every stage of the teacher research process. The book emphasizes the role of reflection in nurturing critical thinking, self-awareness and other competencies among research-engaged educators. Further, the book delineates the qualities of a reflective teacher-researcher, highlighting the mindset and skills necessary for effective reflection. Practical strategies for cultivating reflective practice within one’s classroom research are provided, along with guidance on integrating reflection into collaborative research projects and professional learning communities.

Ultimately, Teacher Research in TESOL: The Role of Reflection serves as a valuable resource for educators seeking to deepen their understanding of the symbiotic relationship between teacher research and reflective practice within the dynamic landscape of language education.

Published: Nov 1, 2026