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Pentecostal Migration in Secular Sweden

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Religious renewal takes place in several major cities around the globe. New vital Pentecostal churches, worship groups, and religious communities are established. This mainly cosmopolitan movement is also visible in the Norden part of Europe, changing the religious landscape in modern fluid globalized societies like the Swedish.

In this book, this global phenomenon is analyzed from different disciplinary perspectives, with the Swedish capital Stockholm as an example. The analyzes build on extensive field-work in one Arabic, one African, and one Latin American Pentecostal church in Stockholm. A demographic mapping of the rise of International Pentecostal churches and other migrant churches in Sweden is also included. New knowledge about these ongoing transformations of the religious landscape in urban Sweden, gives perspectives on the global cosmopolitan religious change.

Published: Jul 1, 2025

Section Chapter Authors
Foreword Grace Davie
Chapter 1
International Pentecostalism in Sweden - Researching a New Cosmopolitan Landscape Victoria Enkvist, Katarina Westerlund
Chapter 2
Desecularization of Stockholm? Changes in Numbers of Churches and International Pentecostalism 1980–2020 Magdalena Nordin, Torbjörn Aronson
Chapter 3
Ecclesiology with Unintended Consequences: Pingströrelsen and the Integration of International Pentecostal Churches in Stockholm 1980–2020 Torbjörn Aronson
Chapter 4
“Living Theology” – Everyday Life, Challenges and Resources among International Pentecostals in Stockholm Katarina Westerlund
Chapter 5
Suburbia and the Subway: Pentecostalism and Migration in Stockholm Émir Mahieddin
Chapter 6
Legal Regulation of Religious Minorities in Sweden – The Example of International Pentecostals Victoria Enkvist
Chapter 7
International Pentecostals in Metropolitan Stockholm – Rethinking Relations between Voluntary and State Religion in Urban Sweden Anders Bäckström
Chapter 8
Broadening the Perspectives – An International Outlook Allan Anderson, Simon Coleman, Kim Knibbe, Pamela Slotte Russo


I am more than pleased to recommend this volume, which looks in detail at three groups of Pentecostal Christians who have settled in the Stockholm area. The book concludes with a series of interesting reflections from Pentecostal scholars from different parts of the world.
From the Foreword by Grace Davie, Emeritus Professor of Sociology, University of Exeter