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Chilli Peppers

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The worldwide spread of genus Capsicum is a story of human enthusiasm for health-giving foods and fiery flavours. This book tells it all, from original sources, beginning with the spread of chillies around south and central America; their first known encounter with humans ten thousand years ago; their migration from virgin forest to cultivation; their first Atlantic crossing, from Hispaniola to Spain in 1493; their rapid spread beyond Europe to China, Africa and India; their astounding popularity in world cuisine in the 21st century. Why do we teach ourselves to like the chilli burn? How did this taste become a necessity and even an addiction? History provides some of the answers; nutrition studies, medicine and ethnobotany add much more. Maps, illustrations and a selection of recipes from cultures around the world show how the five cultivated species and the hundreds of varieties find their place in modern cuisines.

Published: Feb 1, 2027

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