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Stockhausen on Music

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Stockhausen on Music came out of hiding in 1989 initially to reveal a dominant representative of musical and technological modernism to a sceptical public as an engaging personality at the top of his game. Karlheinz Stockhausen emerged initially as a public speaker in a series of engaging lectures delivered on tour in English in 1971, discussing the most esoteric issues of musical aesthetics with wit and humour, and a decade later in 1981 with two days of face to face interviews at the composer’s home in Germany, in which he is eager to share his insights into the compositional process and his thoughts on how music education and aesthetics are destined to adapt to new technologies and forms of expression. In revising and extending the content for today’s readership Robin Maconie draws out features and hidden priorities of the composer’s remarks by referring to actual works and technical developments in audio media that have guided the composer’s interests and intentions.

Published: Oct 1, 2025

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