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Book: Distant Views of the Holy Land

Chapter: Introduction

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.18485


Topics include: The Palestine Exploration Fund and the History of Its Picture Archives; Pilgrims and Other Visitors to the Holy Land.
An introduction to the book and a description of the archives of the Palestine Exploration Fund on which it is based. (The earliest photographs included date back to the 1850s.) Puts the PEF's activities in the context of the times and provides a general historical survey of the PEF's undertakings and funded explorations in the Levant. Discussion of the nature of pilgrimage throughout the history of the Holy Land and archaeological and documentary evidence for this.

Chapter Contributors

  • Felicity Cobbing ( - book-auth-735) 'Palestine Exploration Fund'
  • David Jacobson ( - book-auth-736) 'Palestine Exploration Fund'