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Book: First Civilizations

Chapter: 4 The Akkadians and the Ur III Dynasty

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.18657


This chapter introduces the Akkadians who occupied the regions of Tigris-Euphrates river north of the cities of Nippar and Sippar, who like the Sumerians to their south, lived in cities dominated by large temples and shared similar lifestyles. Topics discussed:

- the myth of Sargon

- changes in kingship

- the kingdom of Akkad

- the bronze head of Sargon

- the end of Akkad

- the Third Dynasty of Ur and the Sumerian reviva

- the Laws of Ur-Nammu

-Sumero-Akkadian architecture

Chapter Contributors

  • Robert Chadwick ( - book-auth-70) 'Bishop's University'