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Book: First Civilizations

Chapter: 7 The Last Babylonian Dynasty

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.18660


This chapter examines how a new ruling family took the throne of Babylon in Southern Mesopotamia and were able to overthrow the Assyrians and take over their empire. In doing so, they established the kingdom of Babylonia as the premier power in the Near East. Another group -- the Medes -- who helped to defeat the Assyrians, returned to their homeland on the Iranian plateau, turning their attention north towards Armenia and the rest of Anatolia. Topics discussed:

- Egypt returns to Syria-Palestine

- Nebuchadnezzar II

- the conquest of Judah

- the great city of Babylon

- the palace coup of Belshazzar

- Adad-Guppi: the mother of Nabonidus

- the religion of the moon god

- a religious interpretation of Assyro-Babylonian history

- the celestial dream of Nabonidus

- Nabonidus in Arabia

- the 'akitu' festival

- Belshazzar

- Ehulhul, the 'house of joy'

- the end of Babylon

Chapter Contributors

  • Robert Chadwick ( - book-auth-70) 'Bishop's University'