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Book: First Civilizations

Chapter: 13 The Hyksos period and the New Kingdom

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.18671


The chapter covers the end of the Middle Kingdom. the era known as the Hyksos Period when the North of Egypt was invaded by people called the Hyskos who were related to the Amonites, their eventual expulsion and the foundation of the New Kingdom. Topics covered include:

- immigrants and invaders

- rulers of foreign lands

- the Hyksos capital

- the expulsion of the Hyksos

- the New Kingdom

- Hatsheput, the first female king

- divine conception and birth

- queens before Hatsheput

- Djeser-Djeseru: Hatsheput's mortuary temple

- the reconstruction of the two lands

- Thutmosis III: warrior king

- the fruits of conquest

Chapter Contributors

  • Robert Chadwick ( - book-auth-70) 'Bishop's University'