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Book: Chasin' the Bird

Chapter: Discography

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.18782


This listing is intended to include everything that has ever been made available publicly of Parker’s playing. There is still material, mostly fragmentary, from sessions that are known to exist and have not been released, and these are not included. Only the original issue number is shown and, in the case of studio sessions, this is usually a 78 rpm single. Material first released on vinyl, sometimes from those same sessions, has the issue number in italic, while material first released on CD has the number in bold. The figures and letters shown in brackets before the issue number refer the reader to the index of recent reissues at the end of this listing. For reasons of space, if a batch of titles was released together for the first time on LP or CD, they are separated by “/” but, if a single performance contains a medley of two or more themes, the individual tunes are separated by “;” Alternative titles for a single performance are usually shown in brackets after the correct title (if the new title has been used, deliberately or in error, for a subsequent release).

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