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Book: An Introduction to English Sentence Structure

Chapter: Nonwh- Complementation, Apposition, Discontinuity; Nonfinite Wh- Clauses Preliminaries Nonwh- Complement Clauses Nonfinite Nonwh- Complement Clauses Nonwh- That Complement Clauses Appositive Nonwh- That Clauses Discontinuity: Extraposition Discontinuity: Raising Nonfinite Wh- Clauses Conclusion Practice with Terminology Analyzing and Reporting Multiclausal Sentences Sentences for Analysis Dialog for Analysis

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.19957


This chapter shows that nonwh- clauses can become embedded in noun groups and adjective groups, that they can co-perform an eventstructure function with an appositive noun group as co-performer, and that they can participate in discontinuous extraposed structures. We will also consider briefly nonfinite wh- clause complexes, which possess the coreference characteristics of wh- clauses but are marked as nonwh- clauses.

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  • Jon Jonz ( - book-auth-194) 'Texas A&M (Emeritus)'