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Book: Global Tribe

Chapter: The vibe at the end of the world

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.20087


In Chapter 3, the idea that the Goa “state of mind” is schizoid is taken up in an examination of the transnationally transposable “vibe” of the exiles. Goatrance may have emerged as a formulaic genre, but the psychedelic diaspora is animated by a cultural noise, dances to different tunes, with the emergent psyculture echoing with tension. The chapter addresses how this seasonal exile socio-aesthetic was rocked by waves of innovation flowing from global cosmopolitan hubs of EDM. Attention is directed to instrumental scene broker Goa Gil whose hybrid project spans historical psychedelias and whose mission to ritualize the “end of the world” has had varied reception, illustrating the heterogeneity of psychedelic trance – a contested music and culture.

Chapter Contributors

  • Graham St John ( - book-auth-491) 'University of Queensland'