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Book: Global Tribe

Chapter: Psychedelic festivals, visionary arts and cosmic events

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.20089


Chapter 5 explores typical 'events' designed to facilitate varied and interacting modes of consciousness. With specific attention to Boom, total solar eclipse festivals, and other events, parties are recognized as spiritual technologies accommodating multiple transitional pathways, a circumstance amplified by their psychedelic praxis and aesthetic. At the world’s biennial summit of psychedelic trance (Boom), its Liminal Village contrasts with the main floor, the Dance Temple, as the head does to the body, yet their synergetic relationship is pivotal to a movement where integralism is programmed into its festival culture. Additionally, total solar eclipse festivals, such as Soulclipse in Turkey (in 2006), are recognized as pinnacle achievements in post-Goa psychedelic mysticism – the visionary arts platforms of a planetary culture.

Chapter Contributors

  • Graham St John ( - book-auth-491) 'University of Queensland'