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Book: Applied Linguistics

Chapter: 7. A methodological illustration

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.21659


This chapter illustrates the methodological discussion of the previous chapter. The illustration was taken from a longitudinal participatory action research (PAR) project that started in 1992, with data collection going on until 1998. The practical-educational background for the project was the Norwegian efforts since the mid-1980s to develop further a process oriented approach to the teaching of writing. Moreover, the chapter illustrates how a set of relations may first be identified in specific local situations and then exploited abductively to form hypotheses across similarly designed cases. If similar sets of relations
can be identified across situationally different cases, it is an argument for potential generalization across qualitative studies. The chapter also discusses certain limitations of the suggested methodology.

Chapter Contributors

  • Lars Sigfred Evensen ( - book-auth-483) 'Norwegian University of Science and Technology'