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Book: A History of Pottery and Potters in Ancient Jerusalem

Chapter: Pottery from the Middle Bronze Age

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.21697


This chapter is concerned with pottery from the Middle Bronze Age. It describes the total assemblage of this pottery as it was found in the Site A squares. A sketch of complete forms suggests to which forms the classes may belong and further, a survey of the classes and variants is provided as well as a list of the provenance of the illustrated sherds. It further presents a survey of the total amount of sherds found; the cave pottery is compared with the total amount of sherds found elsewhere on the site. This is followed by notes on the construction of this pottery, on the firing temperatures and the influence on the colour of the sherds. The most common ware by far is the dolomite clay already described in Franken and Steiner 1990.

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