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Book: Conflicts in Interpretation

Chapter: Rhetorical structure

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.21787


This chapter focuses on a strategy of persuasion and argues that in order to persuade their audience, speakers effectively use their implicit linguistic knowledge of how hearers arrive at the optimal interpretation of a speaker’s utterance. The chapter illustrates this use of bidirectional optimization with an alternation in the order in which a when-clause and a main clause are presented and the concomitant interpretations.

Chapter Contributors

  • Petra Hendriks ( - book-auth-440) 'University of Groningen'
  • Helen de Hoop ( - de Hoop2057782305)
  • Irene Kramer ( - Kramer575308365)
  • Henriette de Swart ( - de Swart787520889)
  • Joost Zwarts ( - zwarts) 'Utrecht University'