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Book: Conflicts in Interpretation

Chapter: Nominals with and without an article: distribution, interpretation and variation

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.21792


This chapter focuses on the distribution and interpretation of bare nominal in a range of languages. It is argued that an OT typology is responsible for the differences in distribution. The semantics is directly recoverable from the
syntax, under the assumption of a small set of correspondence rules between form and meaning. Thus, the view, that setting up referents in conversational space and referring to them are universally available cognitive
operations, is maintained.

Chapter Contributors

  • Petra Hendriks ( - book-auth-440) 'University of Groningen'
  • Helen de Hoop ( - de Hoop2057782305)
  • Irene Kramer ( - Kramer575308365)
  • Henriette de Swart ( - de Swart787520889)
  • Joost Zwarts ( - zwarts) 'Utrecht University'