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Book: Functional Dimensions of Ape-Human Discourse

Chapter: The interpersonal dimension: confrontation and support in bonobo-human discourse

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.22016


As part of a program to explore the communicative abilities of bonobo apes within the human-ape culture at the Language Research Center at Georgia State University, this chapter offers two complementary analyses of a conversation between Sue Savage-Rumbaugh and Kanzi. Both a conversation analysis and a lexicogrammatical analysis of their interaction are provided.

Chapter Contributors

  • James D. Benson ( - book-auth-18) 'York University, Toronto'
  • Peter Fries ( - peterhfries)
  • William S. Greaves ( - book-auth-19) 'York University, Toronto'
  • Kazuyoshi Iwamoto ( - kiwamoto1958)
  • Sue Savage-Rumbaugh ( - Savage-Rumbaugh26700)
  • Jared P. Taglialatela ( - Taglialatela13246260)