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Book: Instructor’s Manual for An Introduction to English Sentence Structure by Jon Jonz

Chapter: Practice with Terminology

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.22276


This manual provides an overview of the book, including a comment on its intended tone, its goals, and the organization of its main themes (event structure, word groups, and relationships among clauses in clause complexes). It offers a sample schedule for the upper-division course in which the author has employed the book and conclude with some comments on the bracketing and labeling conventions used in the main text. Each chapter of the manual then gets its own section, which pays brief attention to the main ideas of that chapter and describe how the author presents the chapter to his own classes. For each chapter there is also information about chapter-end activities and the guidance for doing those activities that appears in the book. The manual includes a comprehensive collection of worksheets for chapter-end activities and suggested responses to those activities.The title ‘Suggested Responses’ rather than, say, ‘Answer Key' is intentional. The responses suggested are not the only feasible ones. Rather, they are the ones that presented themselves to the author as heprepared this manual. Alternative analyses are not only likely, but in most cases, inevitable. The manual concludes with three sets of examinations designed for use at the points indicated on the suggested schedule. Scoring protocols for the second and third examinations are provided.

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