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Book: Finding Myth and History in the Bible

Chapter: G. Garbini and the Poetry of Leah Goldberg

DOI: 10.1558/equinox.23745


Garbini's huge bibliography also has a room for Modern Hebrew Poetry, as a short note about 'On the Hills of Jerusalem', one of the most famous lyrics of Israeli poetess Lea Goldberg. Building upon it, this paper examines afresh the poem and highlights as L. Goldberg's poetry and self betrays a strong opposition between Israel's heated and rocky landscape and that of the native Lithuania, rich of woods, rivers and snow. Furthermore, the poem also reveals another opposition between the society and the country in which the poetess came to live and the European Cultural and artistic heritage that she left behind her. Eventually the poem also shows the deep influence that the Song of Songs had on the poetry of L. Goldberg.

Chapter Contributors

  • Francesco Bianchi ( - fbianchi) 'University of Turin'